Bio Data Generator

The Bio Data Generator: Creating Personal Profiles with Ease

Creating professional-looking bio data or personal profiles can be a daunting task, especially when you have to organize and format a plethora of information. However, with the Bio Data Generator web application, this process becomes effortless and streamlined.

Effortless Data Entry

The Bio Data Generator provides a user-friendly interface for entering personal information. With fields for name, gender, date of birth, height, qualification, job, father's name, father's occupation, number of brothers and sisters, address, mobile number, hobbies, and an about self section, users can easily input all relevant details.

Bootstrap Integration

Utilizing the popular Bootstrap framework, the application ensures a responsive and visually appealing design. The use of Bootstrap's CSS classes enhances the presentation of the input form and the generated bio data, making it easy to navigate and understand.

Dynamic Age Calculation

One of the standout features of the Bio Data Generator is its ability to calculate the current age based on the date of birth provided. This dynamic age calculation eliminates the need for manual age updates and ensures accuracy in the generated bio data.

Print-Ready Bio Data

Once the user submits the form with their information, the application generates a neatly formatted bio data template. Users can then easily print the generated bio data using the built-in print button, allowing them to have a physical copy for various purposes such as job applications or matrimonial profiles.


The Bio Data Generator simplifies the process of creating personal profiles, offering users a convenient and efficient solution. Whether for professional or personal use, this web application provides a hassle-free way to organize and present personal information in a professional manner.

Experience the ease and convenience of the Bio Data Generator today and create polished personal profiles with just a few clicks!

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